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New Booking: 27/02/2024 - 28/03/2024
1.5m Front Load Bin
$50.00 : Monthly

Available: 82

Front-load bins manufactured out of 3mm MS Plate. Fitted with front-load lifting pockets. Base feet Fitting with lock bar & hinge pin.

10T Moxy Dump Truck
$2,750.00 : Monthly

Available: 10

20T Articulated Dump Truck
$6,000.00 : Monthly

Available: 1

45T Excavator
$5,000.00 : Monthly

Available: 1

80T Excavator
$4,250.00 : Monthly

Available: 1

Allure Kit
$40.00 : Monthly

Available: 8888

Professional Brush set for face, eyes and lips designed for all your needs. Made of high quality natural and synthetic hairs, comes with high quality makeup bag All the brushes are fine and dense, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Allure Kit Test
$30.00 : Monthly

Available: 544

Durable Real Wood Handle Lightweight birch handle with the corrosion-resistant alloy ferrules brings the lasting shiny beauty and perfect user experience. Its durability extends the service life of the cosmetic brushes and improve their cost-performa

$0.00 : Monthly

Available: 4562

InstaPress Test
$0.00 : Monthly

Available: 554

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